Tips and Tricks

Consider using std::vector<> for buffers over raw arrays and boost::array

A buffer variable for use with read and write operations could be defined:

  char buffer[max_size];


  boost::array<char, max_size> buffer;


  std::vector<char> buffer(max_size);

Consider using this last form based on std::vector<>, as it allows your application to use buffer debugging.

Repeating timers

Asio has a rather good deadline timer, but try using it as a repeating timer and you will come into difficulties when attempting to cancel it.

This is an interesting example of an implementaion of a repeating timer which is basd on the basic_deadline_timer and uses its implementaion and service to acheive a safe repeating time which is cancellable. This timer provides a guarante that the async callback will not be invoked when the cancel returns.

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