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Asio C++ Library

Asio is a cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming that provides developers with a consistent asynchronous model using a modern C++ approach.

Latest Stable Release

Asio version 1.30.2

(Note: Boost.Asio 1.30.2 is also included in Boost 1.85.)

The following video illustrates the use of Asio in C++20.

When targeting C++11 (or later), most of Asio can be used without any extra dependencies. More…​

What does Asio provide?

Asio provides the basic building blocks for C++ networking, concurrency and other kinds of I/O.

asio overview

What kind of applications can use Asio?

Asio is used in all kinds of applications, from phone apps to the world’s fastest share markets.

Here is a list of some applications that use Asio.

Asio and Boost.Asio

Asio comes in two variants: (non-Boost) Asio and Boost.Asio. More…​


Asio is released under the Boost Software License.

Supported Platforms

Asio is regularly tested with the following platforms:

  • Linux

    • gcc 4.8 or later

    • clang 3.0 or later

  • macOS

    • Xcode8 or later using bundled clang

  • Windows

    • Visual C++ 2013 or later

  • FreeBSD

    • gcc 6.0 or later

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