asio C++ library

ip::basic_resolver::async_resolve (1 of 2 overloads)

Asynchronously perform forward resolution of a query to a list of entries.

    typename ResolveHandler>
void-or-deduced async_resolve(
    const query & q,
    ResolveHandler handler);

This function is used to asynchronously resolve a query into a list of endpoint entries.



A query object that determines what endpoints will be returned.


The handler to be called when the resolve operation completes. Copies will be made of the handler as required. The function signature of the handler must be:

void handler(
  const asio::error_code& error, // Result of operation.
  resolver::iterator iterator             // Forward-only iterator that can
                                          // be used to traverse the list
                                          // of endpoint entries.

Regardless of whether the asynchronous operation completes immediately or not, the handler will not be invoked from within this function. Invocation of the handler will be performed in a manner equivalent to using asio::io_service::post().


A default constructed iterator represents the end of the list.

A successful resolve operation is guaranteed to pass at least one entry to the handler.